Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Fever

It's 82 and sunny today, so why am I inside?  Because 82 is too damn hot, I started sweating through my shirt just sitting on the porch.  ACK

Here are some things going really well right now.

In no particular order.

Tim Burton is doing the Miss Peregrine movie, which is perfect.
The stand alone Gambit movie started filming this month.
Princess Diaries 3 is happening.

Cairn Obsidian came in today and it has, among other things, a slackline!

the box got smushed during delivery.
I will look JUST LIKE THAT, too

the blackberries have swallowed the barn!

I have visions of damming the creek to make a cold tub.  Just deep enough to sit in and it will be about 70 degrees.

I sat on this bar a little long and it had expired, so I fed it to the dogs and they LOVED it.  Nia wants more.  NOW

Walking every day is so good for sweet Jess

The creek is often clogged with pupigator

Evil itchy vine.  Stay back!

The yard is all blooms!

The north loop

Part of the new North Loop
From the left of Jessie Bear, it will have a secondary spur heading to the creek.  That makes a very hard climb back up, so I am saving it for when I have a little more stamina.  Making trail requires walking a section 15 or 20 times before it's 'done' and then going back through to maintain at least once a week.  I can't imagine making that climb over and over yet.  It's about 350 feet from bottom to top.  Or the same as Cane Creek Canyon.  Right now, that wears me out!

Sunset view from the campsite!

I also sold a few extra backpacking things, mainly tents, to buy-a tent!  I bought all my tents last year used and tried out several types and features, then resold the ones I did not want to keep.  I was looking for certain things-weight, size, bathtub floor, good air flow, rain worthiness, interior pockets and a lantern hook or gear loft.  I hunted until I found the Marmot AMP 3 person tent which hit all my markers, but it's nearly $500.  So I kept looking and sure enough, the line was discontinued at the end of the year and the tents went up on closeout!  BAM.

It arrived today and it's perfect (in the yard, in the sun, in a light breeze) and exactly what I wanted. So glad I waited and researched. I feel like this year is going to be the best so far!  I am set with comfy warm, lightweight gear.  It could be lighter, but I can't afford it!  Midrange, good quality gear that should last many seasons.  Finally.

I finished the north loop on the trail, it's not done, but it's all cleared out.  I keep inviting various people over, but it's never a good time for nearly everyone-it's astounding to have hit upon the single 2 week period in which every person I know is busy. Too bad because those chicken houses are only empty until the end of the week!  And everything is in bloom, it's so pretty outside I can't even decide where to look first!

Andrea did come over, last week.  We had a blast and hiked to the north end, but skipped the then-unfinished loop.  She had blisters from overdoing a walk earlier in the week and that trail is STEEP. She's lost over 40 pounds from walking in the building at work during lunch, I am dragging her out into the light to experience uneven ground and rocky trails.  Some elevation change can only help matters,

I spent HOURS today moving wildflowers out of the trailbed.  And rocks and setting up a bench and installing the first of MANY steps.  I am glad to have something to keep me active and busy and outside.  I wish the kids were more interested, but it's okay.  They help when I need it, but it's not their thing.

Post sneeze and post 'no you can't come inside, you muddy mutt!'

The view from my new bench rock

The bench rock, above, that I excavated today.  My back is KILLING ME.
I hauled rock up the hill to place under the ledge so I would not worry that snakes were looking at my feet when I sit on it.

The new tent!

You can not live in the side yard. Now come inside and have a bath.  Really.