Monday, April 11, 2016

21/52 Short Springs

20/52 was the Bog walk
19/52 was Ft. Pickens
18/52 was Perdido Key

On Saturday, we took Andrea on her first hike!  I had Machine Falls on the hiking group page since the first of the year, there's a nice wildflower garden there.  So, off we went, we met Melissa and her hubby and oldest son there.

There are several loops that can be joined together to make a 3 to 5 mile hike.  We went down the Machine Falls Loop, walked around the wildflower loop and down to the falls below that, then crossed the creek on the bridge and walked the Adams Falls Loop.  We were headed to the Busby Falls Loop when Andrea tripped on a crazy tall root and ate trail.  :(  So we skipped that loop for a 3.2 mile hike total, and got her home for a shower!

Melissa and Rick at Machine Falls

The trail down

The wildflower loop, everything blooming was purple!




dwarf bearded iris



rue anemone

Poplar trees leafing

Wild geranium

The trails were steep in spots, it was a good hike!



After the hike, we headed home so Andrea could get cleaned up.  My original plan was to go up and hike just to Suter Falls because it's so pretty!  But we were meeting more friends for dinner to celebrate a birthday at 5 and Andrea understandably did not want to show up with mud ground into her clothes.

Despite the fall, she loved hiking and can't wait to go again.  YAY!

I have a hike planned at Cane Creek on Wednesday, but have had zero folks sign up (homeschool group) and another Friday.  I have to get busy planning Matt's week off, we were backpacking the Foothills Trail, but that's been changed to just camping because Ben is not so keen to backpack.  Which is fine, I just don't have a plan yet!  Eep.  I am thinking Smokies.  Chan is voting Jekyll Island.  I bet warm wins out!  :)