Saturday, April 16, 2016

22/52 Wade Mountain and Maple Hill

Met up with Andrea on Friday afternoon to have a hike.  She wanted a 'hill' so we opted to go to Wade Mountain.  We did nearly 5 miles there combining Devil's Racetrack, Shovelton and Rock Wall for a convoluted loop and adding on Piney Loop at the end.  The we had lunch and went to Maple Hill Cemetery to see the dogwoods.  I wanted to go on to the wildflower trail, but they were both done.  Matt walked back well ahead of us to wait in the car, he had not taken his allergy meds for several days.  I handed him his dose this morning myself!  

blue eyed grass

We started at the Dead Children's Playground
One of the swings was swinging when we got there.


Walking through the cemetery, I saw boy statues!