Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This is how close that guy on his 4 wheeler was to the house!  Who comes that close to a house, sees a mowed path to the gate and thinks, "this is so totally public property, wheee!"?

The north loop is COVERED in poison oak along one stretch.  UGH!

I don't know what this is!

squaw root

I walked out to lounge Sunday afternoon.  It was lovely!

Matt wandered out to join me!

A tick, they are SO BAD out there, we are thinking about just keeping the trail to the cliff open and letting the rest go for the summer because the poison oak and ticks are both thick.
Murphy Jones has 'hair' and not fur, plus it's white, both are tick magnets.  We picked 100 ticks off his 20 pound body 2 weeks ago and he has regular doses of Advantix. the other dogs had 4-5 ticks each, which is WAY more than usual.  The ticks were nearly all dead, but still attached.  It was bad in a few spots on MurJo, like his little arm pits.  He cried and cried and I felt horrible I just did not think about checking them!  Now we check him every single time and are usually able to get them off him before they attach.  As you can see, the ticks are TINY, it wasn't like he was covered in lumpy black things.  :(

It's summer on the bluff!

I finally got Matt to hang right next to me.  WOW, what a ordeal and I am over that little fantasy of cuddling in our pods.  He's a bit of a drama queen about hanging the hammock, though I did buy him much easier to use straps.
still not easy enough!

We hung out until sunset

The last of the light hitting the treetops, so pretty!

We have had a gorgeous run of weather.  It's been cool, sunny, light breeze.  The flowers are amazing, it's rained enough to keep the creeks going but not enough to keep the trails muddy, April has been perfect!

Today I am home on my own.  I have been singing, reading, piddling with a few organizing things.

 We have a trip coming up in a few weeks, camping in Virginia.  Katy is organizing the stay, we just have to show up!  Before that is Matt's week off and I am planning a pretty epic-if-short trip.  We had planned a backpacking week at Shenandoah and the AT is closed through there due to forest fires.  ACK!  So time for plan B. But on the super cheap because our original trip was driving there, parking for the week and eating food we already have while sleeping for free every night!  At least I can still bring lots of easy to prepare meals!