Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All By

Don't wanna be
All be my

Matt's off this week, flying around increasing his carbon footprint and trying to undo caloric business luncheons and ice cream dinners by sitting in a sauna.
I have been home eating mango licorice and watching movies like 2-Headed Shark Attack.

Today, I had 2 baths and spent the bulk of the afternoon in footed pajamas.
Yesterday, I hung out at the local video store and chatted with the owner for an hour, mainly about protein-based carpet stains.  Then I bought corn pads at the Dollar General because I gouged holes in the bottom of my foot trying to dislodge a splinter.  And the hole in the corn pads fits over the holes in my feet.  It looks like tiny toddler toilet seats are covering my foot.

I have taken 12 pictures.  One of my steering wheel.

I will share three.  They are all of Small Dog wanting to know where her Daddy is.
He's north of the Mason-Dixon Line, Zeppie.  In A Place with Yankees.

Yankees are delicious

 I spent a while yesterday trying to get Ben to promise he would never move out, but he dodged me until I finally gave up.  I have no idea what I will do with a whole day in front of me and no one to make noise nearby until Matt gets home.

I may have to get...a job.  Or else all of my blog posts will have various shots of various pets and my mad ramblings about the amount of time needed to soak dried beans

Michelle has decided to hike the Appalachian Trail with me.  This can only have interesting results, it will end one of two ways.  A bestselling book or a murder.  Possibly both, they do have paper in prison.

I measured Ben today and he is exactly as tall as me.  I remember when Jake was exactly as tall as me, but not Chan.  She shot up so fast, it was probably only a 10 minute window.  I am thinking Ben will hit 6 feet before he's done growing.
In the meantime, Matt will be home tomorrow and I will be able to get more seaweed at the Asian market while I am out in town.  A happy ending.

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