Thursday, April 12, 2012


New low on the scale this morning. Eep! Today was the first of the newly scheduled roamschool outings, and also field day, so attendance hahaha. I knew no one else was coming, but the kids were anxious to get out anyway, so off we went.

We spent half an hour at the wildflower trail in Cullman, then went down to a park at Hanceville that Chan wanted to visit and then over to Blountsville with plans to eat fried pickles at the Frosty Freeze, but it was closed *sob* so back home we wound our way.

The kids made a HUGE pot of beans and with a lack of cornbread fixins to go with it, we had cornbread stuffing! It was pretty good all mixed together. Matt topped off the day by coming home with a strawberry pretzel, the only non-chocolate dessert I will give the time of day to.

Canada anemone




Early echinacea

Jack in the Pulpit


I am going with bergamont.


Wild Geranium

red clover

Chan is pretty sure this is where her new muscles came from!

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