Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week End

It's been a good week around the castle, early in the week, we straightened up and ran errands, getting ready to go off camping.  We went on a short backpacking trip Wednesday and Thursday and then on Friday, Evan graduated after passing his GED with excellent scores!
 We started at the house, went to the waterfall, the point, through the boulder garden wildflower area, Linden Meadows up the cane Creek Trail through the hogback boulder area and camped at the old beaver pond.

It was around 7 miles total, a nice walk in a beautiful area!


 The ceremony was held at the college, we arrived early and the kids were able to chat and visit a while, and so did the adults!

The spring graduating class!  The program serves around 1100 students a year in the northwest Alabama area.  Around 100 showed up for the actual ceremony.

After the ceremony, we had cake and punch at the reception and talked to everyone a while, then headed to Taco Bell at Evan's request.  We had a great time getting to chat with everyone and relaxing a while before the drive home.

Today, the kids are all off at auditions for the next play, it's a musical, so Jake worked all week learning his song. 

I am at home, I get so worked up at the auditions that it was agreed, I should just let Matt handle them.  The kids were up, dressed, fed and ready to go before we even woke up this morning, they are all so excited about another play.  I hope they do well and get cast!  Several friends are trying out, too.  It will be lots of fun for them to get to hang out with everyone again like they did with Oz.  It's an older cast, I am hoping it will be a better experience-and less germ-riddled!  haha

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