Monday, April 9, 2012

Short Update

Jake had his wisdom teeth removed today.  I can't say pulled because they never emerged.  He was a little loopy afterward, but seems totally over it already.  I am amazed.

We went camping over the weekend, had a great time.  Matt and I talked it over today and we decided to try doing all 22 miles of the Richard Martin Trail end to end and back.  We are in talks with a friend who lives close enough to come bail us out if it's too much, just waiting for the right weather for it.  There's some heat coming in this weekend.

I am down 45 pounds from 2 years ago.  These long walks are really pushing the numbers, we do 10 miles on Sunday and I am still losing weight on Tuesday!  I am glad, as I had stalled at 38-40 pounds for about 6 months.  I am loving the longer walks, I dread summer coming in because we won't be able to walk all day when it's so darn hot and dry.  Hopefully we will be able to just walk early, we can do 10 miles in less than 3 hours now.  5-8 in the morning should be cool enough most of the summer.

Sleeping around 7 hours a night now, with oak-pollen induced 10-12 hour comas from time to time.  I have been reading several sleep books, one recently done one by a Harvard-trained doctor has been interesting, he recommends taking your average sleep (when you are not getting enough) and say you get up at 7 and sleep about 5 hours. He says go to  bed at 2 no matter how sleepy you get and get up at 7.  The next night, go to bed 15-30 minutes earlier and so on until you're back on a 7-8 hour a night schedule.  It's called restrictive sleep and it resets your sleep schedule.

Waking up with an active brain is called hyperarousal and it's because your brain is in overactivation mode.  There are relaxation and other things you can do to calm it down, though I have not had much success with any of them yet.  Mainly-the pollen and long walks are knocking me out.

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