Sunday, April 29, 2012


This is the first weekend we have not been hiking in a long time! 

The kids were cast in Robin Hood, Jake will be King Richard, Chandler is the widow and Ben is a merry man.  All of the roamschool kids who tried out were cast, which is pretty awesome!  It's a MUCH smaller cast, just 40 compared to the 90 or so in Oz.  80 of those being under age 8.  I had complained to Chan just last week that knowing the history of trying to cram as many kids into the play as possible, they'd probably cast someone to play the bow and another kid to be the arrows. 

Today we...well, Matt and Jake, mainly Matt, worked on the house.  All of the new fascia boards are up except in the very front over the porch and in the very back over the back steps.  That has become a small nightmare, in fact.  I wish we had the money to just hire someone to deal with it for us.  We are out of our depth and have spent more time trying to figure out ways around the problems than actually working toward getting anything done.  One thing is for sure, it can't remain the way it is.

We had a HUGE lunch.  I grilled corn and turkey dogs, Matt made mac and cheese and baked beans, there were chips and cold drinks and I put a cobbler on to bake on the BBQ coals.  Then forgot about it because I was so full, then remembered it later and the bottom was quite black!  The top was fine, so we ate that with ice cream and...maybe that's why we barely got anything done on the house.  Too full to think!

In the last of the weekend news, I have decided to put off the AT a while longer, it's my dream-not something the kids want to do, though they are game to give it a shot.  I just can't imagine trying to get myself and 3 kids through each and every day of hiking, setting up camp, cooking, the weather, the terrain, the insects, the other hikers, the distance we have to travel...getting up and doing it all over and over and keeping us all safe, fed, hydrated, found and well.  I can wait a little longer and just go on my own.  In the meantime, we are researching the Florida Trail, at least a good long section of it.  That won't be a physically demanding as the AT.  Plus it goes right through Orlando. 

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