Friday, June 22, 2012

Camp Artselle

 Chandler finished up day camp yesterday, they had a presentation based on this year's theme, A New York State of Mind.

 Chan was the tour guide, in 4 days she learned all of her lines and blocking, plus 4 songs she had never heard before and did a great job of the presentation.  The kids all did well, it is always so amazing to see what they are capable of when they have passion.

 The older kids led a presentation from Stomp! 

 A curly-headed brown eyed drummer boy. 
That seems...familiar...
I just have to wonder, out of the 300 people there and the 150 cameras, how he managed to look up and see mine.

 Then the dance group did a Rockettes show

The littles did a song from The Lion King.  It was so funny, they bellowed out the familiar bits and kind of mumbled the rest, we were laughing and singing along up in the balcony!

 The older music group sang Defying Gravity from Wicked. I did not want to chop the kid next to her in half, I figure Chan is pretty easy to pick out from the options.

The finale dance was, of course, Start Spreadin' the News!

It was a very cute program and Chan had a good time all week. I think she learned a pretty good bit, even though the older kids only had 3 hours a day of classes.  It got her interested in doing more with the learning/training aspect of drama and performing.  Which is pretty awesome!

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