Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo Day!

On Monday after rehearsal, we brought home as many kids as could fit in the van with us and Tuesday, we headed out to a local pond with tons of costumes and weapons in the back!  The girls did a 'formal wear' and a LARP shoot. 

I love the above and below.  Chan is doing something bizarre and the girls are looking at her like she's so weird.

While I was taking shots of the girls playing around, the boys had taken the boat out on the pond.  They came back PDQ when the realized they had taken an extra passenger!  There was a rat snake wedged behind the piece of wood in the rear of the boat!

My bigger camera was dead, so I just wandered around taking pictures of the girls with my little point and shoot, everything they are doing was their own idea.  We will plan another more serious shoot when I get new batteries in.  The ones I have have stopped holding a charge more than a short while.

She won't even show that much leg in a bathing suit!  hahaha!

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