Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Update

Alice's Adventures have ended.  I am glad to be done with the running back and forth and waiting, but as things wind up at the end of a show, it's always a little sad to realize all these people you've grown to know and have seen so much of are about to be out of your life again, most forever.  We did make a couple of new friends that I think we will keep in touch with.  It's hard when everyone has such different schedules, even with homeschooling, there's stuff going on, especially in September when everyone is so gung-ho about getting back at it.  It's easy to let things slide.

The ants are nearly gone.  We ended up getting Terro ant bait stations and it took about 2 days.  It's the same thing I was using, but the mixture is more appealing they way they do it.  And cheap.  The pack of 4 is about $4.

Our fall trip is halfway there.  Michelle has rented the house we will be staying in and Matt has his vacation time scheduled and in writing.  After so much flailing around about forced vacation and cut hours, now they are about to say no one can have time off until after December!  We have one week planned, but not the other, it will depend on weather and money.  Like...everything else.  ha

In other news, my external hard drive has failed, so currently, all my photos from October 2010 until May of this year are inaccessible.  I have many between this blog and the 2 websites, but the bulk of everything I have done-Grand Canyon trip, Zeppie's whole life with us other than the photos on her tribute page and the lost dog flyers I still have, camping trips, hiking, days at home, haircuts...they are currently locked on a broken hard drive.  We ordered a new enclosure hoping the connection was the issue and the drive itself is still usable.  I put off making a back-up all summer, planning some gathering of other people who also needed to burn cd's for 6 hours.  Making it a gathering instead of a singularly dull chore.  I'd trade being this sad for being that bored now.  I hate 'live and learn' experiences.

Today I am in full 'do' mode.  I have dusted and cleaned the kitchen, the laundry is all done, I am about to start cleaning the bathrooms and run the vacuum.  The beds all have fresh bedding.  I feel energized by the end of the play and the openness of our time for a few weeks.  I want to have a tidy platform to launch from!  The cooling weather only helps, I am ruled by sun, moon and humidity.  Those first mornings when the air chills your lungs and the sun sparkles off the dew in blinding flashes.  Those are the days when I feel like I could live forever and take on any task out there. 

This coming week, we are playing with friends and Jake wants some more scheduled 'school' stuff.  We will see how that will be interesting.

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