Friday, December 6, 2013

Good News Friday

I am starting this on Wednesday because I am determined to have something to post here.  So far, all I can come up with is 'The AC in the van went out Tuesday afternoon, but since I already paid $600 for repairs earlier this year, the most it can possibly cost to finish replacing the whole system is 700 to 800 dollars more."  But, I will get that checked out when I get the oil changed and see where I stand.  And then put it on the list after the central unit and the roof. And Christmas and new tires-though at least I only need 2.

I have a funny.  At the cast meeting, the director was trying to make a point about keeping control (AFTER she cast 86 children, 70 of them 2nd-6th grade) and asked who had a mean teacher.  Emily and Zachary were standing with us and they both raised their hands.  After a few seconds, Emily said, "ACK!  She saw us!" about Suzette.  hahahaha, I was rolling.  I am pleased to report my own darlings shook their heads 'no'.  I am a sweet mama if nothing else gets said about me in life.

Oh, that is a good news thing!  The kids were all cast in the new musical.  Jake is not the 'male lead' but he has lots of lines and he has a solo.  So, HA.  I mean, yay!  Plus his character has much more room for interpretation.  Upon further thinking it over (this theater casts the SAME 2 boys in the lead roles EVERY play which is a personal annoyance of mine) I think they actually put him in the best male role. Chandler, my darling girl, is a bad guy-paired with Britney.  It could hardly be better.  The costumer wants her to come up with their costume ideas and she can use green LED lights in the design.  Woot.  Ben is a sailor and so is Zachary, so they will have a blast together.  Emily was cast in the best role in the whole thing, I could not be happier for her, she will be awesome!

Yesterday Ben's new banjo arrived and it had a split down the neck.  I talked (and TALKED) to the company and they FINALLY agreed to send another one right away and do free expedited shipping.  So while that WAS a thing that had us both squalling, knowing the new one will be here in just a few days has helped soothe that ache.  I am telling you, I have not seen that child as happy as he is with a banjo in his hands.  When the one yesterday was unusable...well, anyway, I am just glad they are getting it taken care of. I was willing to drive to Omaha and split some heads to go with that neck...

There's more good stuff, Ben had his two best buddies over for several days and I did not kill either of them via food allergies.  Emily is getting to hang out today and we have pizza from Kurt and Katy's newest store. There are a lot worse ways to spend a rainy Friday than eating hot food and listening to the kids laugh like maniacs.  Emily is the best for totally losing it laughing and she LOVES puns, so she and Chan get on a roll and it's so bad you can't even hear yourself think.

And finally, I got around to trying to make kombucha and it WORKED.  Seriously, as craptastic as the past 6 weeks have been, I figured it was going to be horrible beyond all words and need to be dumped out, especially since the heat is out and I ended up putting it on the hot water heater to try to keep the scoby alive.  I have 2 gallons going this week and it's been MUCH warmer, we have not even had the fire going and it's nearly 70 in the house.  I have hopes I will be able to keep us in plenty of kombucha soon!

So, keep your fingers crossed that our streak of really rotten luck has run its course and that things will be much better from here on.

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