Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Shots of the Year

Today we headed to Birmingham at the crack of dawn and spent the next 10 hours having a blast at a photo shoot with Erin.  She needed some models for a personal project and the girls are always up for some dress-up fun.
I did not take many photos, Erin had her vision and I am anxious to see what her shots will look like.  I took a few from behind the scenes and several of me playing with the kid she was done with while she worked on the next one.
She did ALL of the make-up, hair, wardrobe, lighting and shooting herself.  I was impressed and I learned a few things!  That always makes for a good day.

Chan was up first, she took a while to get made-up and I was kept busy braiding yarn into dreds for her wig!

The girls had gone out to gather twigs and made a crown for Emily to use later.
Chan headed over to give her opinion on things while Erin went to get set up in the other room.

Next time you really like a dress in a fashion magazine, check twice to be sure it's really a dress!

I pulled these snowflakes off Erin's Christmas tree...

Brit was up next!
Erin went with a fox for inspiration.

After a break for lunch, Emily was in the chair, she was an Earth Mother.

I can't wait to see Erin's shots! 

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