Sunday, December 15, 2013


First, let me apologize for the plethora of cutesy photo apps you will see in this and likely future posts.  I have a new toy and must over use it a little while.

It's been a long week, Chan had dress rehearsals and the Christmas play was today.  She's back out at a bonfire tonight.

The kids had dance class on Thursday, we spent Friday hanging out with friends and yesterday we had to make a run to the music store for more banjo strings because Ben's banjo FINALLY arrived undamaged and ready to go and he managed to break a string about 10 minutes after getting it.  I have more ordered, they just are not here yet and that child was DONE waiting.

Emily got to come hang out for a day and later on, Brit came to spend the night.

Friday we spent the day with several friends combining different sugary yummies into snackables. We made peppermint bark, haystacks and then ended up making chocolate/cereal/marshmallow/candy/pretzel mixtures.  It was great!

When we got home from the goodie making, Ben's 2nd banjo was still here-they were supposed to pick it up but did not-and his 3rd banjo had arrived.

He had just enough time to look it over before we headed out to see the dress rehearsal for the Christmas play, Snowflake County Christmas Extravaganza.  We opted to go to the dress rehearsal because it was easier for Daddy to come see her then, his church was doing their play the same time and he wanted to see it, too.  So that worked out very well.  Plus, we avoided the crowd of total strangers, always a bonus in my book.

Anything with these 3 in it is Academy Award material!

Emily is flat adorable, she is SO freaking cute, I love that kid.

Ah, 14. That hair, it's like Matt went back in time and made a wig.  

I have been taking lots of selfies with the new tablet.  I did not get a hair cut, it's in pigtails.
Upon playing with it the first day, I discovered I can't see the settings with my glasses on.
Ah, 39 and a half...

This is the world right now.  BLEAK.  Clouds, damp, no color, everything is dead and it's chilly ALL the time that it's not downright cold.  I HATE winter.
In other news, the van has started making this...noise in the belt/flywheel area. I have some kind of theory that the belt is not a big expense, so I am not worked up about it at all, which is unusual for me.  Getting worked up about crap is my #1 hobby, ask anyone.  Going to get it all checked out Tuesday at my oil change and AC WTF check because tomorrow is MORE dental stuff.  I swear, the world would end if the van was not on a rack every 6 weeks and one of our rear-ends was not in a dental chair at least once a month.  
Speaking of dental work, my jaw is VERY sore where I had that filling replaced.  Last filling I had replaced, I lost the tooth a couple months later because it got infected during the procedure and I ended up with an abscessed tooth and opted to pull it rather than gamble on a $$$ root canal.  I had this one done November 20th.  I imagine I will know right around Christmas if it's another abscessed tooth or maybe just sore from me grinding my teeth at night-which is why I am cracking my fillings.  I am pulling out all my home remedies and trying everything I can to stop it before it gets started.  At least this is the only other tooth that had a cavity and it's in the VERY back, I will just have it pulled, too, if it comes to that.  Not much of a self-esteem boost though, I will have to admit.

Today we cut more wood and hauled it to the front yard to cut into stove sized chunks.  We like to use fresher cut wood for overnight, it burns longer than the dried stuff.  There's a big tree down by the barn, so we have been sawing it into sections and pulling it up the hill by hand.  That's work, even me and my aversion to cold managed to get up a sweat in the 35 degree weather working that hand saw. 

We've had some bad news, a death in the family, but I am not ready to get into that.

That's it, all the news from the week.  This is Matt's last work week of the year and we have fun plans for the weekend and the kids are wanting to go to the homeschool Christmas dance.  I will have to buy suits for the boys, so I guess the budget after Tuesday will decide that one for them.  I do have an alternate invitation for the evening if it does not work out at least.

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