Sunday, December 1, 2013


We met up with our people at Amanda's house Saturday to hang out, eat and chat and plan our plans.  The potluck theme was Mexican so Katy brought sombreros.  They were QUITE small.

 The kids hung out and played and played and played while the adults watched the last of the Iron Bowl and ate and talked and talked.  

Around 10 p.m. Sammy decided to make a huge pile of leaves for the kids to play in.
They jumped right in, with the dogs right behind them!

Around midnight, the music got going.

Matt got to play drums while Ben covered the banjo and Chan played the mandolin.
They are really good, Sammy did not actually believe Ben had never played before he picked up that banjo at his house a few weeks ago.  He has a natural ear and I have never seen him this enthused.  Look at that smile!  Needless to say, something in that tight ass budget is getting shuffled because we are on the lookout for a banjo for him.

Sunday morning started EARLY and with some drama.  Curry-their dog-was hit by a truck.  I heard it happen around 7 and went FLYING out with my socks and t-shirt in the 35 degree morning.  I could not find him anywhere.  So I got Matt up and he helped look, then Jake.  I did not know what to do about waking everyone else up, he obviously ran off somewhere so maybe he was not actually was a LONG 2 hours before everyone else started getting up.  Sammy found him right away.  Curry (when we left) seemed to be doing fine, he had a scrape (not deep) along the inside of his back leg and a little scrape on his front leg.  He was shaking and looked SO pitiful.  He could walk without limping and his bones felt good. Sammy doctored his wounds and gave him some pain stuff.  I hope he has a full and fast recovery, poor puppy!  He younger than Nia, so there's a good chance as long as there was no internal damage that he will be up and running around in days.

So we got about...3 hours of sleep.  The boys did not fare well...

This makes me laugh.

Poker at 9 a.m.

I took this one for personal reference.  I don't remember seeing cotton on the plant in December before.

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