Thursday, December 26, 2013

Out of the House

First, something horrible happened to Ben after eating his entire bag of coal...
Luckily, he did NOT FTBA, even while his fingers grew chocolate coal foil and went for his braaaaaaainssss

My newest Channa Creation.  And earrings I made out of some worry dolls.

Today, we needed a day out.  So, we went to Huntsville.  We started out at Green Mountain and walked around the lake.  Jake and Chan downloaded the $$$ RPG maker yesterday when it was on sale at 75% off on Steam and have been head-to-head for at least 12 hours now, planning what to do with it.
They joined DIY dot org and have been plotting badges for a couple of weeks, 'make your own RPG' is the one they decided to go for first.  I was rooting for 'make a costume out of cardboard', but it's a start.

Matt wandered off first thing, Ben walked with me and Jake and Chan practically RAN the trail, talking non-stop.  There they are below, ALL the way on the other side of the lake before they realized they had left us in the dust!
They walked back to meet up with us, reaching us the same time Matt did-from a different trail altogether-and then started talking again and ZOOOMED back off.

Jake's hair...

It's Catfish!

We went off the back side of Green Mountain and stopped at Hays Nature Preserve and poked around.  Walked about 3 miles on the greenway there, too.

It may be my public school background, but I can only imagine a couple of scenarios in this 'area'

Jake and Chan waaayyyy ahead again!
 We had lunch at Moe's, stopped in at the Asian market for seaweed and rice, then I took the boys to see Riddick at the discount theater while Matt took Chandler to the fabric store for their after Christmas sale. She bought enough fabric to make a new quilt.

Riddick was good, we are pretty forgiving of the whole franchise anyway.  But Vin, he just does not age!

Here's the plot without giving anything away:
Riddick is on a planet that has a rare natural occurrence that creates a situation for a native creature to rise and feed.  No, I am NOT talking about Pitch Black.  Then, there are bounty hunters who have to team up with him or die.  Still, not Pitch Black.  This one has a zyena, which is what I am calling his HUGE zebra-striped hyena dog.  They don't call it anything!  :(
Riddick is about one zillion times tougher than I am, I noted at least 7 points I would have been dead almost immediately, after bleeding a while first.  Also, a couple of times I would have cried.  People are so mean to him.  I mean, sure, he's a killer, but it's not like he goes looking for people to off.  So far, they have all come right to him, been mean and then he's killed them.

The last bit of fun for the day was when we got home, my new camera filter turret was in the mailbox!

Straight from the photojojo dot com website

It has 18 total effects, 9 are various colored filters and 9 are various lens effects, like the one below of our Christmas tree.  It basically makes my camera into a toy.  :)  I also picked up 3 little stick-on lens filters for Matt's cell phone and my tablet, I am sure they will pop up in use at some point.  So far, I have just taken pictures of the ceiling fan light.  Surely I can come up with something SLIGHTLY more interesting.

But the main point is to get us out of this rut and start thinking of different ways to have fun and play around.  Things have been SO glum here.
But I am the one stuck living inside my head, if I want a different outlook, it's time to take a different route.

Plus, a wagon full of crap on the doorstep is not really a new concept:

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