Sunday, December 1, 2013

Catch Up

 It has been no fun at all being me of late.  Along with the hassles of funding various emergencies, my photo editing software kept freezing and crashing my laptop.  I called Matt FIVE times about it and talked about it at home and complained and finally tonight, I had a minor fit and it took him less than 3 minutes to fix it.  I swear, I want to hit him with something heavy at times.  

As a result, I have taken nearly no photos in the last couple of weeks, not since Jake's party really.
But I did have a few I wanted to share!

The cousins.  Adam is heading off to film school in California in January.
These are my sister's boys.  I also have a niece.

Cause I am growing sugar cookie sleigh ride's in the greenhouse right now!

This is the state of affairs most of the time right now.  Curled up with a small dog-shaped leg warmer somewhere not too far from the wood stove.

I put heavy plastic on the kitchen windows.  It has made a big difference, but we really need to do something with the floor next year.

Various efforts cooking on the wood stove.

Cheese toast and veggie soup

Playing LIFE after lunch on Thanksgiving.

With the kids setting up their computers in the living room and Jake sleeping in there at the moment, we have no room for the Christmas tree, so we opted to hang lights all over the inside of the house instead.

We watched Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick and I played with my camera, taking long exposure shots of the lights.

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