Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mulberry Fork

We had plans to hike-hike today and ended up tinkering with Matt's stuff most of the morning, getting him ready for his trip and by noon, had decided to go somewhere closer.  I have been wanting to mess with some slower shutter speed shots and play with my 'big camera' for a while, so I suggested we go to the canoe beach on Mulberry Fork, since the rains and the snow, I figured the flow would be pretty decent.

We have been several times, there has never been another person there!  I was a little annoyed to see not just one but about 30 other people,'s not MY canoe access point, so I will just shut up.  It turned out to be a little worthwhile when a gaggle of girls wear bikinis attempted a polar bear swim.  IN the rapids.  The one guy with them went in IN his jeans.  I wonder what it is with boys?  I imagine shrinkage.  The water had to have been 50 degrees at the most.

Another advantage to other people was that we got to watch some kayakers do their thing and two guys on boogie boards.  They were trying to surf the swell like on the ocean, but I watched the first one and then the second one get whisked around the bend and finally come dragging out to get in their car and leave.  That was a little sad that their plan failed, I HAVE a boogie board.  hahaha

Not exactly the same shot, but the one below is of Ben on our first visit here back in...2007?

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