Sunday, January 20, 2013

Once Again...

With a different spelling, the puppy is named.  Nia.

We go through so much hassle, I think what I will do from now on is write down names we all like (both of them) and just pull it from a hat next pet, we are fatigued. 

We go March 1 to look at a rescue dog a place is actually holding for us, despite my assurances that we don't WANT them to hold him, if he can get a family, get him one!  But the foster mom feels that of all the applications and interviews, we are the best suited to take him because he's a gentle and sweet natured dog, not one for a busy family or with smaller kids and so on.  Basically, to me that means: this dog needs a LOT of petting and is fairly lazy.  hahaha  So, we may have another name issue come up in the near future, which is okay since we picked out a dozen boy names we liked.  Not limited to Jones, McGregor, Bascomb, something else and a few others.  I swear, my brain is named out today.  Main thing, it won't be as big of an issue.  I hope.

Here are some photos from yesterday, today we are getting Matt ready for his big meeting this week and hopefully going to get in a good walk.  We managed to hit 10k yesterday just at the track.

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