Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nia, for Daddy

 Poor Matt is off in the frozen wastes of Northern America and is missing the fun of moose slaying and 'what the heck' with baby Nia. So I took some pictures.

Lucy Moose is talking smack, but can she put her antlers where her mouth is?  Nia can!

Bestest Brother Benny made the noise thing make the noise.  Nia watched him walk for 20 minutes with the same ears-up expression of wonder.

ooo, Lucy Moose is about to get another beat down!

BBB may or may not have a treat, best to beat him up, just in case.

 Lucy has been flaunting that antler LONG ENOUGH, Missy.

She will fetch the tug rope!

Zonked after a full night of waking mama up to go tinkle every 2 hours!
But the kennel was dry today!

Her nasty head wound from Cleo, who sliced her scalp open in 2 spots, I had to call the vet!

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