Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday of Mild

One of the last tornado-damaged houses still standing in Cullman.

I love an easy-going weekend, well, an easy-going life.  But having down time and a chance to just hang out and be with people we really like without much in the way of heavy planning or effort-it's the best.

It started off yesterday when we dropped the kids off with Suzette and Matt and I headed to Athens and picked up our new papasan chair and couch!  I bought it off Craigslist from a guy who was moving, I had my doubts given the amazing price he was asking.  When we got there, his house was very clean, the furniture was in excellent condition and he was quite nice to boot!  I had asked about cats and smokers and the shape of the frame and all checked out perfectly-some minor marks, nothing damaged, we loaded it all up and came toward home. 

We opted to stop in Decatur and gave Daddy some ear mite stuff for Stoney on the way to Athens to kill a little time and we ate before picking up the furniture, so on the way back down the Interstate, we stopped in at the Refuge and talked to Daphne a little while, then walked a couple miles on Airport Road until Matt's foot started hurting from his shoe.

We decided to go on in to town and hit Academy and the thrift store, so we picked up a few things at both places-socks and a pull over at Academy and pants at the thrift store.  Ben has 2 pairs that fit him at the moment, he shot up again and is taller than Chan.  Now he has 6 pairs!  Go, Thrift!

Back at home, we set up the new stuff and moved things around a little, then lounged and ate nachos and watched 4 episodes of Fringe back to back.  I have NO idea why we thought Fringe would be a safe 'eating' show, there were giant worms coming out of people's mouths in the first episode alone, plus a vivid dissection and something covered in red Jell-o.  LOL  By LOL, I mean *barf*.  

When we got in, Chan's new backpack had arrived and was in Matt's car, so I looked it over and put it in her room.  This afternoon I had a little more time, so I pulled it back out to look over more closely and checked all the buckles, straps, zippers and grommets.  It's in GREAT shape, I think she will get many years use from it.  It's identical to the one I have used for the past 20 years.  I paid $40 for it, delivered and was happy to get such a great price.  When I put it back in her room, I saw a tag and pulled it out from under the shoulder strap and it said $12 Salvation Army.  hahahaha!  Ah well.

Today we went to Suzette's and got Ben and Chandler back along with Britney.  She bartered Jake off for a few days elsewhere.  We met up with Katy and her family and Gina and walked a little over 5 miles on the Refuge.  Afterward, Ben went home with Alex and Chan went home with Britney, so Matt and I have had TWO nights to ourselves!  I can't think when that last happened, maybe once last year.  Last night he played on his computer while I messed with my farm on Harvest Moon.  We stumbled to bed around midnight and crashed.  Not quite super-romantic. I'd like to say tonight we will make more of an effort, but I really want to check on my pumpkins and he's already playing his game!  hahaha 

Here is my haircut:

Sunset on the main road the other night:

A few shots from our walk, I was really too busy talking non stop to mess with photos.

I LOVE Matt's 3 day weekends, we still have a whole nother day left!  We just got in from downtown and picked up Looper to watch and a few goodies from the store (and pet food and laundry detergent).  Matt is making dinner now, what a great day!  One for the records.  : )

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