Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Day 43: Haircut Spree and Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was Wednesday and Matt has been slammed at work, this week was nearly as bad as the week everyone got fired as far as stress and I got a whimpered, "WHY can't your birthday be another week?"  Suzette and Gina met us for lunch at Chick-Fil-A, we got to chat a little while, which was nice.  It poured rain all day.

We ended up bringing Brit home with us to keep from driving back to town the very next day to get her. That evening, we had flourless chocolate cake and they sang the birthday song.

Thursday we laid low and just hung out at home, I tried out some low light shooting, but failed to set the focus correctly and ended up with some rather blurry shots.  But, that's how you learn.  It can't all be perfect right out of the box.

I think some of the blur in this one is just how tired she is.  Poor kid napped the whole time she was here and today she made a big speech about being a zombie.  I told her she was being a drambie.

Am I the only one that thinks he looks a little like Johnny Depp?  

Today we were up early and went to pick up Emily and then drove to Birmingham to get haircuts.  Erin managed to get all 4 of them in at 12:15 and we were right on time, so they got back immediately.  At 2:20, they were done.  Yes, 2 HOURS for haircuts!  Ack!  Chan's took the longest by half an hour.  And when we got home, I untucked her hair from behind her ears and trimmed the tags they missed.  I don't see HOW they missed them, they combed and snipped and combed and snipped.  But that's where mine gets missed as well, I guess it's not something they think to look for.

We had lunch and then went to the thrift store and then headed back.  It was WAY too hot to do anything else, the sun seemed extra powerful today.  On the way back, my dang check engine light came back on!  I JUST replaced that hose that was always the culprit before-EVERY time it came on, that hose was leaking. I checked it over to see if there was damage or a loose clamp, but it's solid and looks fine.  I guess I will go in next week and have them read the code.  I probably ought to get new plugs and wires and I will get right on that once my money tree starts bearing fruit. Otherwise it's just got to get in line. (update: the light has not come back on since and the mechanic can't pull a code to see what it was)

I took these driving down the road.

Jake is plugging another meter that had run out.  Emily donated the quarter.

This is What's on 2nd, the sign was lost in the glare.

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