Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Day 48: Update

Well, this summer has not been the plethora of camping, hiking and swimming that I envisioned, in fact, it has barely stopped raining in the past month.  We have been home more and seen friends less than any other time of the year.  I am actually looking forward to fall when everyone gets back to their regular schedules because maybe we can SEE some friends for a change.

At any rate, Chan stayed with Emily and Britney Friday night, so Saturday we picked them all 3 up and went to see Star Trek in 3D and on the big screen.  There are some movies that need to be seen with surround sound and in 3D if at all possible.

I enjoyed the movie, I think Zachary Quinto is AMAZING as Spock, that can't be an easy role to pull off.  I liked Benedict as Khan, but I am ready to see him in something where he's NOT a diabolical genius who is disgusted by anyone not as smart as himself.  He's cute as a bug, make him Dr. Who or something fun.

She plays this thing for HOURS a day, every day.  If I had her drive, I would be published and have photos hanging in galleries all over the world.  *sigh*

I can not get used to this haircut.  It's so short!!  People in town love it, I had no idea so many folks noticed us, but Jake has gotten comments in every store we have been to.

I love these girls, sooooo much.
To make up for the non-fun and thrilling summer, I have a week-long camping trip in the works up in Tennessee.  I am heading off soon to work out a few details with the folks on the other end, it should be right up my alley.  Rock climbing, canoes, caves, long hikes, waterfall swims, late nights around a campfire.  I hope to goodness the weather will cooperate, if all works out, I should be able to hike the entire Fiery Gizzard Trail finally!  That's been on my list for years now.

While things have been slow, there is the promise of them picking up soon.  We have a couple outings planned, a short camping trip to Nashville next month and our vacation later this fall is all set to go.  I have our school paperwork all done and we have our confirmation letter for the year, I will send in Jake's graduation packet next month *SOB* and that will be taken care of.  *SOB*  Every time he sits down to do work with me, I get a lump.  I know it will pass, but thousands of times over the past 13 years we have sat down together to work through some math or do some writing practice, discuss a book or piece of art, some historical event or something he watched on YouTube or lately, go over transcripts and look at college and job and grant applications.  It's so hard KNOWING this is the last round of 'playing school' with my baby boy.

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