Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Day Fifty Nine: Movie Time! and how I Broke My Camper

We went to see Iron Man 3 today, finally.  I thought the ending was CRAP.  But the effects were good, even if it did make me feel carsick.

Yesterday, I was getting some things together and went out to get some bedding, chairs and extra towels out of the camper.  When I went to crank her up, I left a latch clipped and realized it, lowered it the 2 cranks and unclipped it. When I dug out my towels, I ended up having to throw them all away.  There's ANOTHER leak in the same spot we have already pulled out and replaced all of the wood before.  And it gets worse, as I was putting the top down and getting ready to store her again, the top would not close.  We cranked it BACK up and looked.  When I failed to undo the clip, the lift system ripped free of the now-rotten wood in the front corner.

So, I cleaned everything out and we closed her down after making a few adjustments and tarped her up.  I sobbed.  I can't believe I BROKE my camper.  And I can't believe it's leaking AGAIN.  I did not have it tarped the last month or so, we needed the tarp for something else.  I poked my head in once or twice, but did not even open the cabinet.  If I had...well, maybe I would be in a better mood.  She's on the list, though so far down it's not even funny.  As soon as I get her fixed, I am putting her up for sale, she deserves a better family.  And maybe the proceeds will pay for the repair.

Anyway, it's been a pretty bum few days.  Chan did get to stay over at Brit's for her 15th birthday.  They are growing up SO fast.  Ben has been sick and more sick, still just allergies, but his cough is actually worse.  He sounds like a seal.  We have a hard week coming up, I am worried about him feeling so puny.  I had wanted to take him to Florida for a while in September, hoping it would help him breathe to be at the beach.  But with the camper non-functional, that's not going to happen.  Just a stinky run of it, I guess.

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