Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Away

I have lost count of what day of summer it is, I guess I will do the math and get back at it...later.

This past weekend was Matt's 3-day weekend and we needed to go to Tennessee and meet some people and check out a rental house I am hoping to make good use of in the future.  We arranged to stay there over the weekend and do some exploring of the property and enjoy the area.

We spent Friday and Saturday night there, we did not get in until Friday afternoon and left out early Sunday morning, it rained every day.  But we had plenty of time to cover the business portion of the trip and there were enough breaks in the rain to explore a good bit, though not as much as we had hoped heading up there.  I guess that's what we can do on future visits!

 The creek and falls on the property.

These stairs were nearly the death of me, I am no good with climbing!

It rained Saturday, so we went to a reptile show at the state park
 It cleared off that afternoon, so we headed out to explore around the farmhouse:

Not much of a sunset, but watching the mist rise was breath-taking!
 On Sunday, we decided to go home through Chattanooga and were able to spend some time at the zoo.
It rained off and on all afternoon, but in quick showers, so we ran in and out of buildings and stayed dry!

Nearly home!  Crossing Guntersville Lake
It was a wonderful weekend, we went with no 'devices' and there's no computer or cable at the house, it was a nice unplugged weekend.  It took Ben a little while to find his footing and start entertaining himself, I think mostly because he felt SO rotten.  He's had a raspy cough for days now.  I think it's allergies, I have been treating it as such.  He says his throat does not hurt from all the coughing, but that his abs are really sore.  :(

This week is an easy one, thankfully.  I am hoping I will find the correct meds to start battling that drainage and allow him to get some good rest.  He has been eating lots of ice cream and drinking juice and soup and keeping hydrated.  The worst thing about allergy meds is how they dry your whole body out.  My poor baby, I really hope he's over this soon.

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