Friday, March 14, 2014

Artful Thursday

One of the reasons the kids are sticking out dance-other than Jake's girlfriend is there-is that it's a Fine Art credit.  I am not worried about Chan getting enough art exposure in general, but the boys...well.  We needed a boost.

The most painless way to get more interested in art is to go look at it.  Luckily Birmingham has a free art museum!
So, off we went to meet friends and enjoy some fine art.
So lifelike!  I love it!
Girl with Sketchpad

This is exactly how I feel when I get a wild hair to 'even out my tanline' and head for the pasture.

All I can say is that I REALLY hope you are supposed to play on the sculptures, because-we did.
I was assured it was okay, but I still wonder...

I liked that I was across from the photographer in this painting

The girls, dissecting the methods used to make the print, the boys, discussing gaming strategy.

I have had nightmares about this thing.

we found  this one amusing

I did not know this sort of thing existed.  Antislavery ceramic.  You know none of the money they made selling it went to free anyone, so it had to be a statement.  With one of these, you supported ending slavery.  Or loved Uncle Tom's Cabin.
I think this is VERY much the predecessor to the ribbon campaigns and awareness marches and buying pink things for breast cancer.  It's a status symbol that heart or breast health is important to you or that you favor spaying pets or are against guns.  I seriously doubt money raised in these 'awareness campaigns' goes to free anyone, either.
But Wedgewood sure made some money.

Though this is in the Art of Alabama section, it was made in Kentucky.
But I still like the dark and the patterns.

I don't care what the artist calls this, I call it 'Huggy Star'

The kids played a LONG time at the different all-ages interaction areas.

I flat loved these.  If I could have any piece to take home, it would be these.

Some of the armor have fake mustaches!

Oui! Oui!

These below were from a large series of Chinese art from unknown sources made for unknown reasons.  They encouraged looking at them and captioning them.  I thought the following two were probably fairly accurate.

Yes, the top half is color and the bottom half is black and white.
And the ISO blew out the shot, as soon as they make a camera that can read your mind, I will sell a kidney to buy it.

Vitruvian man

We went for lunch at a little Latin place, it was SO good.  I thought, given their low prices, that the meat might be cat.  As soon as I took a bite, I decided I would be eating more cat from now on.  That was the BEST chicken I have ever eaten.

From there it was off to dance and then groceries and finally home.
We went to bed at a decent time-before 10. I laid there wide awake as Matt marched in his sleep for a few hours.  I finally threw in the towel and got up.  It's nearly time for the alarm now, I will be a bundle of joy for our mom lunch later today.

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