Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Things

What is this time of year good for?  Introspection, but then again I live in my head-which is why I have been rearranging what lives in there with me more diligently.  Planning-camping trips on the calendar along with various day trips, a short road trip and several hikes between now and mid-May.  I overbook so that when the weather kills a plan, another can spring up just days away.  Cleaning.  Yes, deeper efforts now that the sun is warming cold bones and the brighter light is revealing winter's dusty corners.

The slow turn of the earth, the creak of the billions year old axis, the groan of the ground shrugging off the blanket of cold sleep and waking up, the simultaneous clarity of mind and crave for action paired with the fog that comes with the resistance to change and the desire to stay sluggy and read in bed.  Everything was fine, why do something different?  The mind content to perform the sin of omission even to itself, glossing over what isn't working and beaming down on the high points like the sun hitting a peak over a valley shrouded in mist.

I spent yesterday deep cleaning.  Chandler caught the bug and was up nearly all night and when she emerged again this morning, she wanted hot food and more trash bags.  The Webkinz that have cluttered her room for a decade are no more.  Art supplies, books, clothes and shoes, stacks of projects...bagged up for tossing or donating.  I squirreled away a few things, I can't let go as quickly, it wasn't my idea for her to box up her childhood! 16.

I know most mother-daughter relationships are rocky through this phase, but Chan has not been typical a day in her life.  I respect her privacy and freedom, the kids are all free to do as they choose and have been for years.  I think that's led to less of a need to push boundaries in our case.  We have had a very easy go of it, that's for sure.  Other than Jake trying out a few swear words last year, there's been nothing close to teen angst.  I am glad, as I don't deal well with nonsense dramatics.  Maybe they are just trying to make it easy on me and at night when I am in bed they have a 3-way editing hour on their All Hail Satan fansite before stealing the minivan and heading out to the chicken fights or to tip cows and crack the whip at their meth shack.  But, I kind of doubt it.

Today was spent in the yard, laying out the garden and getting pots out of storage.  I cleaned the front porch and set up a potting and seedling station. I hauled out all my seeds and drew grids and made my budget.  I looked through buckets and screamed a few times as fat sleepy frogs slithered out from their winter tombs.  I can't begin to say how much they freak me out.  Just imagine a glob of ice cold raw liver the size of a baseball sliding out and smacking into you when you are just minding your own business.  eeeee

Eeeeee.  Some more.

The runners are getting geared up to do a run in May, it's one of those run and climb and get in mud type things. Kurt said, "So, I hear you are thinking about joining us!"  Then he burst out laughing.  MEAN.  I like to think I am too smart to subject myself to such insanity, but really, I am too chicken.  It's not that I can't run nearly 4 miles and haul myself up by my arms and waller around like a bird in a puddle, it's that I'd rather be comfortable and dry.  ALL the time.  The whole concept is foreign.  Matt thinks it will goad him into getting into shape.  The boys find themselves feeling young and invincible.  Not sure what the rest of the team is feeling about it, but time is passing quickly.  I have joined in on some of the getting in shape efforts.  I'm half of the support and photography team after all.  Well, really it's more that I feel really lazy when they are running and doing crunches and push ups while I download books and watch.

So that's spring so far. Looking forward to the warmer end of the week.

My one shot at Hays on Saturday when we had our hike.
I thought it was a very enthusiastic sign that seems to have once pointed in the wrong direction.

Pear in front of the house



 I don't know what this is, I have always thought of it as tiny carnation bush.

Tulip tree

Garden plot of the FUTURE.

View out Ben's window.

My snack today.  I had more than three...

Just before sunset Saturday evening I walked over next door and took some shots of the tulip trees.

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