Thursday, March 6, 2014

Round Here Lately

I seem to have this backlog of photos...
So, prepare to sit a while and scroll.
They'll keep until you are on a real computer and not using your tiny phone screen.  That's insulting to my level of professionalism in photography.  haha!

Yesterday, we went out to celebrate WARMTH.

Some blond chick sitting over at the bluff.

Napper McGillicutty

Jake and Rho.  She came over for 3 days and I guess they did not want to blow it,
they barely were closer than this the whole time.
NOT complaining...

Napper still napping

Possible Possum

Crazy steep hill

Oh deer!

The view from a hole in a hollow log.

 The SAME hollow log

Matt's tree mutilation from 1991.
These things don't just go away, people.  Don't carve on trees.
Don't be like Matt.

Mirrored trees, light and dark, it's ARTSY, ya'll

Spring beauty.  How I freaking LOVE the spring.
I framed it, I was so thrilled

Napper still napping.
She took down the blond kid, too.

The following 5 photos are of the creek and are all in lomo mainly to bring out the green and make it look MORE like spring...though ALL of that green is either moss of privet.  Which is there year-round.  So none of the below are actual spring shots, just humoring myself.

Not a cabin in the woods!
This is from today, near the sulphur springs.

Front yard above and below.

Benny after the play, he was SO tired he did not even make it to his room.  Or take off his costume!

Bwahahaha, Bunny!  

The sulphur springs, I had him stand like that so you could see the hole instead of the glare, but in looks like he's going to take a tinkle.

Kids, in the rain.
Lunch took WAY longer than planned and the rain caught us about 10 minutes after arriving at the springs.
Still, we got to see and smell them-not much else to accomplish.
That's Luke in the middle with the face.  He's actually a really funny and sweet kid, I have no idea if this is his usual photo face or what.  But he sure looks hacked!


LOTS of trillium!

No actual idea what this is.  YET

Come on, it's one of  the first 3 wildflowers up every year.
You know this one.
See the notched leaves?  Like...teeth?

This is what sulfur looks like coming out of the ground.

Below are shots from dance class.
Even though it's in Birmingham, it was ALL kids from our local homeschool group
We are asking for a class here instead of there!!

Samba line dance.  I think.

Now you are all caught up!
Tomorrow is Matt's day off and we will be cutting more wood.  yay
Saturday is the first of a hiking series we are leading this month.  YAY
Sunday...dunno yet.  Sadly, we are broke and should stay home.  But if that weather is lovely, I think I will be able to fund another tank of gas from some other allocation.  We can stay home and save when it's too hot!  :)

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