Friday, March 14, 2014


Tuesday was active, we were up early and to the ortho, then ran some errands, got some lunch and set up a picnic at Hays to meet Matt and have a walk there.

Jake is having to go back to the orthodontist and this is a year after he was released.  He has ONE tooth that will not stay in line unless he wears his retainer 24 hours a day.  It is driving me nuts, we spent all told some $8k dollars on his teeth between oral surgery, braces, retainers and all of that.  I want them STRAIGHT.

Love to picnic near water!

Jake set up Nuvi for me...
 After we dropped Matt back off, it was zip to the teen park day I had set up-and was nearly an hour late to!!
The kids all brought instruments, they had much more fun than it appears.
They played Magic as well, but mostly hung out and chatted.
Some of the moms are using the time to do a Bible study.  I have sat in before, but this day was too lovely to sit and so Amanda and I got in a couple miles on the walking trail.

The kids are pretty funny, one of the boys wanted to get some better cards and he could not afford them, so he went online and drew cards from the description onto paper and taped that over some other cards he was not using.  Genius! hahaha

We are really, REALLY enjoying the teen group.  There are 40 or so families that have joined up, though I have only met maybe a dozen so far.  The kids have not clicked with anyone new the way they did with our Roamies, but maybe in time they will.  In the meantime, at least they are getting to hang out and meet new people.  I can't wait for warmer weather, we have so much planned!  

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