Friday, March 28, 2014

Marching On

Wow, nearly 4 months deep into the new year and I am still wavering when I fill out the date.  I never know the day of the month-which someone is always happy to chirp at you, it's the year that keeps screwing me up.  1997, right?  2006?  It's WHAT?  Huh.

This has been a fairly slow week, the first few days we stayed home and the kids did Khan and so on.  I accidentally clicked on a Bartimaeus book on my ereader and got sucked in. Again. Ring of Solomon.  READ IT.  It's the 4th book, but a prequel and he does not even refer to the trilogy events even in passing.  READ IT. Chan and Ben went back and did the 'counting to 100' and some other very early math skills that were just added.  I guess I DID say it's good to review, but some just know.  I call slacker.  hahaha  Jake muddled on ahead and spent a while on history.  He's still writing on his project.

Thursday we had a community service meeting to plan some things, I have my very own month!

Me, thrilled to totes pwn June

We had dance afterward, then I headed home with Rho and Elan to watch Paranormal Activity 1 and 2. They had Brit on chat and I asked if she could meet us at the usual spot and Bobby said he'd drive her, so we piled in at 8:30 and went to get her.  We watched movies half the night and they ate over 4 pounds of mesquite grilled chicken with rice, beans and greens.

This morning we were back up early and ate breakfast then headed to game day at Dy's house.  She had also invited NACHO people, which was fine but it made for lots of kids running around, 70% of whom, I did not know and we had to leave early, so I did not get around to meeting any of the new moms, either.

We had to leave to meet Amanda and drop off her kids, got that done and headed back home with Brit for one more night.  Next week is pretty crammed full, so we don't have much in the way of weekend 'going' plans just yet.  I have a long list of things needing attending right here at home.

 I gave Chan my camera and she apparently followed Brit around...
Everyone should have their very own shiny friend

I wangled the kids into nearly all getting in front of the camera before we headed out.

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