Sunday, September 7, 2014

Abandoned Places:2

Following the ranger...

This place was SO satisfying, I hope Matt got some better overall location shots because I was sucked into details and textures.

These are the cabins above the lakes, we were there all of 20 minutes before the police came along.  I would not recommend just going and poking around, the area is privately owned and the locals appear to keep a close eye on things!  It was pouring rain, I did not think anyone even noticed us up there!

I had 2 cameras, one I was willing to get wet and one I was not.  So the non-raining shots are from a different camera after the rain passed, but they are numbered first, so they show up first.  It's all the same place, I am not going to worry over order. 

Chandler's shot of this is so much better, I almost did not even bother posting this one!
But then again, chances of it ever being posted are pretty low, so my confidence is steady.  


Through a screen, through the rain.

Park had to head off for a hike he was leading, so we split up for a couple hours at the camp.  We stayed on taking pictures and looking around, then went for lunch.

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