Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Footie Update

Sunday was week 7, I thought I would be in the clear by now, but no.  Still so stiff that I can't point my toes, despite swimming nearly every day.  Try to spell your name with your toes, tracing the letters out.  I can't do that, my foot is like a plastic thing at the end of my leg, the stiffness forces a limp, in spite of my efforts not to.

So yesterday I started a new program.  It's called jumping in the pool.  At first I felt things in my foot crackling, like bubble wrap, on each landing.  It was not painful, more...a new sensation that was unpleasant. After an hour of bouncing like Tigger on crack, I was frozen through and got out of the pool (the pool is FREEZING and in the shade).  I have to wonder what the lifeguards think of me, often the only person in the pool and I all do is go to the 8 foot end and tread water, cycling my legs for a whole hour and then swim slow laps with just my arms because I can't kick with my right leg.

Upon climbing out, something happened...my foot was not stiff.  I could push off the steps, I could walk to my towel without that awkward small limp.  Grocery shopping with Matt last night, I walked right beside him, I even trotted a little way to get some fruit.  It's back stiff today, but not AS stiff and the pool opens in an hour and I will be in that water, hopping like a mad flea!  I am hoping I have stumbled upon the thing that will expedite the healing.  Eeee!

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