Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I hate that Bass song.  I get that it's SUPPOSED to be empowering, but at the end of the day here are the facts:

Chandler is a "Skinny Bitch".  She got that way via good genes, being in an active family, the fact that she is careful what she eats and she bikes or runs several times a week.  She IS a size 2. I have never seen her 'shake it shake it'.  I have never heard her say anything disparaging about heavier girls.

It does nothing to promote being healthy no matter your size.

The only time it mentions a large size being 'okay' it's followed immediately by the assurance that boys will still want you for sex!

Street Worth=Self Worth, Girls.  Don't you forget it!

The girl who sings it is NOT a big girl.

Okay, I can go on, but I will stop there.  I will say that I think Colbie Caillat does a MUCH better job promoting a healthy self-image with Try


That line 'you don't have to give it all away' needs to be shouted from the top of every roof.  THAT'S what girls need to hear, not that they are fuckable, but that they are worthwhile as they are.

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