Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moreshrooms and a Fire Tower

Took another hike with Matt this afternoon, we did about 3 miles, hiking to the fire tower and then back along the South Plateau Loop.

I did not see the 'face' on this one until I got back, I was going to delete the shot because it's blurry, but decided it was too cute.  


Lots of mountain bikes, I think I got more exercise jumping off the trail than I did hiking.

Heading back tomorrow to talk to the ranger before running to the house to drop off some of our stuff and check on the dogs on the way to dance.  We 'move back' home Friday morning!  I am going to miss being able to run to the pool every day!

Ben's hair, eep!  It's so curly, it does not look like it's that long.

Long hair and GIGANTIC lips.  hehehehe
This photo horrified him (it's his mustache!), but he only let me take TWO of him looking at the camera and the other one blurred.  It's going up.

I will miss the pool, but I want to get home and get some things done and I know the dogs are tired of being alone so much, I worry about Jess any way.  Plus, someone is doing doughnuts in the driveway with a 4-wheeler. There are circles and wavy patterns all up and down the gravel road, especially the end we don't live on.  A couple days of parking out there will put an end to that little party.  That or a well-placed clothesline.

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