Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lunch Break

We started out going to the Gizzard Grill, but after standing around a while, then opting to seat ourselves and sitting for well over 5 minutes and no one even looked our way, I suggested we head to the Lunch Box.

As soon as we walked in, the waitress hollered for us to just sit anywhere she'd be right with us.  I like that!

We had burgers and fries (or tater tots) and butterscotch root beer, it was so nice to hang out in the cool and dry for a bit. After we got up to pay for lunch (only $30 for all that food!) Park called to say he'd meet us at the lake.  Perfect timing!  He turned down our offer to get him some lunch, which is his loss, poor guy. Curly fries!

Chan took a sip and said, "DANG!  That's not bad!"  I told her she had it wrong, she said, "No Mom, try it!"  I showed her the label and we had a laugh. 

Off to the lake:

Grundy Lake needs to be dredged, it's getting icky!  But it's still one of my favorite places.

The kids keep trying to move replacing the dock up Park's list of things to do.
They are all about helping with that one!

Chan and her little brother.

This is a gorgeous stretch, but every time I see it I remember I was driving this little piece of road when my check engine light came on for the first time at 99,987 miles.  The van was under warranty to 100k miles.  hahahaha!  It was the air intake hose, no real problem.

Fall color??

Matt and I used to shove each other to get to the photo first, this is my pacifist approach to taking the same shot.  Though I almost never have my f-stop set at 8...

After the 6 of us took 3 different hikes at the lake, we eventually (we meaning me and my camera) made it back around to the parking lot where everyone else had already gotten back to the cars and Matt and Park were heading back to locate my carcass or at least see if I was wedged in a hole somewhere.

Though we were RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD from the trail the kids worked on last fall, we failed utterly to go see it.  Instead, we followed Park to his new digs under the guise of getting more location shots for filming later, but we totally just walked the property line and looked over the bluff and admired the view.  It's an awesome spot for sure!

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