Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day

Yesterday was such an awesome day!!

We got going EARLY and took Neeners to the house with us to get the camper delivered to Sammy, who can fix it.  We never could get the new wiring hooked up correctly, so we actually ended up hauling it with no signal lights the whole way there.  We passed maybe 7 cars the whole drive, never saw a cop, never even came close to having to turn with anyone behind us.  Thank goodness for country roads!  Got that dropped off and hung out for a couple hours.  Matt read to the littles and Bird did his 'serious face' which is SO cute and funny that Matt could not stop laughing about it after we were in bed last night and I fell asleep hearing him giggling off and on.

I picked up my boots for an adventure coming up tomorrow involving a new project with Park because we can't have less than 3 things started and zero completed at any moment.  He has to go pick up Katie in Wyoming next week and attend police academy for the 6-8 weeks after that, so we decided to start a long term project on one of the 3 mutual days we both will be free before November.  hahaha.

Also, while at the house, there was a package in the mailbox.  I have not ordered anything and had no idea what it might me, but it was addressed to me!  I opened it and SQUEALED.  It's our Magic Bands for Disney!

I forgot they send them out before you arrive, my last e-mail from the youth services said they would be at the will call window!  We went online and picked our colors and name spelling a while back-they have our names inside the band as well.  They don't have purple yet...

I am SO geeked!  Okay, so the Magic Bands work as your ticket, resort key, parking pass, debit card and you can track other members of your party and see where they are in the parks.  Also, we went online and set up Fast Passes to everything we wanted to be sure to ride ALREADY.  And they are saved on our bands.  I only did stuff the first week, the second week I left wide open.  But in the park, if you want a fast pass to something, you just bump the kiosk and save it on your band.  SO cool.  The only drawback is stuff like last time, we ran into some guys who were leaving early and they had a STACK of fast passes to Rockin' Rollercoaster and gave them to us, so we rode like...4 times in a row back to back using their passes!  You can't hand over unused passes from one band to another.  :(

I am still pretty geeked, I really like that the kids can buy things without having to deal with carrying money, we won't even need a wallet in the park.  If the bands get lost or stolen, Disney can track them down and give you a new one (that will be grey) and cancel charges that you did not make and so on.  I tried mine on, it's not super comfy, but I am certain they sell wraps that are.  hahahaha  They are waterproof and the battery is good for 3 years-so you can use the same band on additional trips.  Okay, I guess I am done being geeked...for now.

The weather was SO nice yesterday!!

Driving on 565, singing!

Quick detour on Triana for Little Caesars pizza!

Peeker puppy!

Bacon wrapped deep dish and the limited time pretzel pizza.
I nearly popped on 2 slices, it's 20 hours later and I still have not eaten again.  I don't even want food.  Who knew that much cheese could incite a diet?

I got up early today to run to get groceries, we are expecting company for lunch!  I have had several friends say they will come visit while we are up here but none have yet!  The kids are so excited, they are due in an hour.

Pixel napping this morning

Mars and Nia doing the Mars and Nia wrestling show

Pixel wants none of that!


Yesterday held good  news for a good friend as well, I am hoping she will hear VERY soon that there's nothing left to worry about, that would be the best thing ever! Worry is so draining and so useless and so nearly impossible to not indulge.  What value does it have?  It wears you out and nothing comes of it.  I KNOW this, yet I fret sometimes daily.  Getting irritated hardly helps, that's just MORE energy going toward something you can't affect. It's exhausting being under stress, and worse when someone else puts it on you.  It seems like a punishment for having met them!

Okay, I am off to putter around a bit.  Maybe I will get a wild hair and get the dog nose smooches off the windows.  hahaha!  

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