Sunday, October 26, 2014

Awesome Weekend: The Friday Edition

On Friday we headed to Huntsville and went shopping for a few things-masks and rugs.  You know, Needful Things.

Alex had a birthday Thursday and so we joined him and his family and a few other friends for a jumping party at Shakalaka.  SO FUN!  I jumped, too and my ankle is NOT happy, but I had a blast and I did not even do anything other than jump.  They had a slackline pit:

Another pit with trampolines to launch from:

A trampoline floor that's bigger than the house:

A dodgeball court and I videoed but did not get a photo of the trapeze into another foam pit!

That upside down blur is Chan!
 After jumping, everyone was giddy and starved, so we headed to Katy's and she had some fruit all chunked up and waiting as well as loads of chips with salsa and hummus.  YUM

We snacked and visited a while.  I was a little overwhelmed from the jump place-it was LOUD, so I took up residence in a deck chair for half an hour or so and watched the kids come and go.  

This is Sammy's new baby, HoneyBee

Kurt and Robbie soon had a fire going, Matt showed up and the evening was rolling along.

We had chili and then it was time for mousse:

I have decided you don't outgrow the need to play, you just get told you do.

This was the point in the evening where Peg told the story (she's in her 70's) about how she dressed up as the oldest Bulgarian stripper and headed to a costume party (recently), then changed her mind and decided to instead go to the pharmacy where she got the man working there to video her doing a strip tease dance so she could e-mail it to some friends.
Then she went home and managed to lock herself out of her car and her house, so she had to call AAA from someone else's house and then explain to them and the AAA guy what she was doing dressed as she was.  She decided to give them a dance as well.  I nearly fell out laughing.


We settled in to watch Forrest Gump on the outdoor screen, I stayed RIGHT by the fire, everyone else somehow managed with blankets.  I was 2 degrees from going inside!  

I never would have picked that movie, but it was a huge hit.  The kids loved it and the adults enjoyed seeing it again.  The screen started moving a little in the breeze and Inde was sitting with the passel of girls.  It warped Tom Hanks' head at the end when he was talking to the grave and she yelled, "No!  he's not handsome any more, don't let me see it!"  She was hilarious, when Jenny got in the cab and left she yelled, "AGAIN!?"
But the best part was the tree.  Chan said, "That's the tree they sat in as little kids!" and the girls all said, "Awwwwww!"  hahahaha!

Ben stayed with Alex and Rho came home with Chan.

We headed out around 11, as soon as we got in the door, everyone was in bed asleep in about 6 minutes.  I am not even sure shoes were removed in some cases.  I know we did not shower off the campfire smell, so around 4 Saturday morning, I had to get up and shower and change, it was giving me a headache!  I had to wash all of the bedding before we headed out for the day, too.

Other than that minor drama, it was a great day and I love my new rugs!  Well, maybe 'I appreciate how heavy they are and I like the color and I think they will do well helping keep the freezing kitchen floor covered' instead of 'love', but whatever.  That's a mouthful.

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