Saturday, October 18, 2014

Feed a Cold

Careful what you wish for, the next best thing to sleeping in a hotel is sleeping in my own bed, which I am getting to do this weekend while Matt takes Jake and Chan off camping with Ben's best friends.

Our Benny is well and truly sick, proven with an even deeper voice and the fever he spiked this afternoon.

Somehow, I still managed to end up having to plan and pack everything anyway.  hrm.

I have a couple movies to watch and some hot oil treatment packs for our hair.  He drew the line at facials, but the weekend is BARELY started.  He'll cave.

I made coconut curry soup with rice noodles Thursday night and a pot of potato soup Friday afternoon.  He wants mac and cheese next.  We ate a whole pack of cookies and the rest of the jerky and he ate an entire can of coconut crunchy things that I thought were chips.  I have to quit snacking, I have that insurance physical Tuesday!

We watched the new Transformers 2 hour and 44 minute movie.  Holey Moley!  Yet ANOTHER movie in which the girl is there to look good in shorts, need to be rescued a few times and scream from the backseat. At least this time she's not covered in Vaseline.  She introduces her boyfriend, "His name is Shane and he drives."  WOW. That's quality writing right there. And, astonishingly, it was exactly enough back story on him-never mind he has an Australian accent, yet has lived in Texas long enough for him to be 20 and the Romeo and Juliet law to be in effect (pre-established teen relationship makes an adult-teen relationship legal).  I did not look that up to see if it was true, the probably made it up like every bit of the science they used, including ACTUAL science.  Like 'carbon dating' a silicone-based being from another planet.

We also watched The Signal, which I liked despite Netflix telling me I would not.  It was about...well, it's sci-fi.  Watch it and see.  If I say too much, it will give away the plot.  It has Tim from Oculus in it, that actor is SO cute.  I am ever-slightly bummed that I don't have a kid to watch movies and oogle the actors with me. Chan could care less about boys and Jake will occasionally geek with me, he has no head for faces-if we saw 10 movies in a row with the same 10 actors in all of them, he would not know who they were from one movie to the next.  He can pick out Nathan Fillion and Robert Downey Jr and sometimes Benedict Cumberbatch. That's it, everyone else is a new experience every time.  So yelling out, "It's so and so!" means nothing to him.  Ben refuses to enjoy looking at other people, much less discuss anything about them.

I tried to get him interested in doing something most of the afternoon, but he napped and then sat around blowing his nose and staring at me with bloodshot eyes.  He looks like he's into some serious drugs, poor kid.  I gave him Vitamin C gummies and lots of hot tea and Sierra Mist.  I don't have any serious drugs.

I hope Matt and the other two are not freezing, I am off to lay on my heating pad and read until I pass out. My left shoulder feels like there's gravel in the joint.

I just finished Tana French's newest book, The Secret Place.  BAM, it was about Stephen, which I totally called over 2 years ago.  I don't know who the next book will feature, her MO is to take a detective from the Dublin Murder Squad and write the book about that person.  The first 4 flowed from one into the next without much spacing and the next character was some part of the previous story line.  This one was a little later on and there were no back-up detectives, even in passing, other than Mackey-who has already had his own book.  Rob and Cassie never even got mentioned.  :(  The detective from Broken Harbor  was mentioned, but that was it.  I wonder if she will go into Conway's story next.  She partnered with Stephen for this one, but featured as much as he did...I don't know.  Hard to call.  Anyway, I am in that floudering mode where I don't have the next book in mind and I have dipped into a few I downloaded and ended up deleting all of them.  Nothing else is as good.

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