Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mummy Race

We headed out today to hang out at the park and do the Mummy Race, which I have read about but never participated in before.

The kids split into teams of 3 and used 2 rolls per person to make a mummy.
Then the mummies raced around a short course and the mummy who had the most wrappings still intact at the end, won.

The all-boy team.  hehehehe

The artsy team!

The first heat...

We think MAYBE this is the winner, it was pretty hard to tell.  They were all flapping and unraveling, it was pretty funny.  We got to yell from the sidelines things like, "GO SLOWER!"

Next round!

The boy team was all about covering faces and torsos.


Every car that drove by slowed down and stared.
It was hilarious, they had to walk so stiffly to keep from breaking their wraps.

Jake begins to unravel and goes for the hunch.
Deb had them go through that gap in the trees, so mean!

eeee, he's so creepy!

After the race, the kids chatted more and the moms hung out a bit.  It was a very laid back afternoon!

On the south end of Cullman, heading to Hanceville is this vet.  I don't think they know what a vaccine is!
 I am assuming they mean antivenin, which I still kind of doubt. A 10 ml vial is somewhere around $550 and from what I recall reading, it has a short shelf life.
Maybe they mean mithridatization?
Maybe I should call them...I have many questions...

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