Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Catching up, photographically speaking

 Dae's 16th birthday party:

Our weekend home alone, movies, mud masks and enough junk food to make me gain 2 pounds right before my physical:

Monday at Monte Sano:

Tuesday at Monte Sano:

I set up a 2-day volunteer time at the state park before we left for Disney for folks to come up and drop in and work for an hour or two.  It got great feedback, lots of RSVP's.
In the end, the ranger I spoke with actually did not make any type of list and was unprepared for volunteers at all AND no one but Katy actually showed.
Can't blame the weather, I call "LAME" on everyone.

We walked around for 2 days picking up trash.
The kids were awesome, they worked the whole time without any griping, other than a little lamenting over lack of people to hang out with.

They made the best of it, though.

Tomorrow we have game day at the park.  I added a small 'Halloween' type element to it and I am pretty sure attendance will be way off because of it.  Oh.  Well.

The rest of us (doomed) folks will enjoy ourselves.  The weather has been phenomenal, but just chilly enough at night to remind me...we have not cut the first piece of firewood this fall.

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