Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Again

Our second week was MUCH drier than the first, we did not have any big park plans, so we just came and went at random almost.

The drive home was uneventful, no cops or flats or smoke billowing from under the hood.  All things I am very grateful about.

We got unloaded and unpacked and did laundry most of Saturday, went to Dae's birthday that evening and spent Sunday messing with photos and running local errands.

Ben finally went down with the cold he has been skirting, yesterday was rough on him.  I have tried to bolster him with extra vitamins and sleep, last night we went grocery shopping and I brought home lots of nutrient-packed goodies, though he ate the surprise chocolate first.  That's actually not a surprise.  I fed him hot cereal with muesli and fruit today and he's at his computer doing math with a big bottle of water and a packet of tissues.  Tomorrow is a 3 day bike camping trip with his 2 best buddies followed immediately by 2 days of volunteering at the state park with the teen group and then a game day.  Then dance class and another birthday party.  It's going to be a busy week ahead.  Not a great time to be feeling super puny.

The cold is making his voice that one level deeper and he sounds so much like Matt now.  It's creepy, really.  Matt yelling at Jake to stop cheating on a game, Matt freaking out because a song on the radio has 'booty' in it (Ben is anti-body-anything at the moment) and Matt at 10 in the morning exclaiming the exquisite softness of the new tissues I bought.  I guess more surreal than creepy.  Plus, I have heard the actual Matt gripe about one nose hole being clogged and one being runny-and the annoyance of the random alternation. I have some of that going on myself, but as long as my lungs stay clear, I can handle a head cold.  After last year, I don't want to cough EVER again.  There's a life goal.  hahaha

The upcoming trip-tomorrow-I have done zero planning for.  I need to get the tent ready, find sleeping bags, plan everything out, all seems so horrible and time consuming.  Why can't I just stay in a hotel? Okay, sucking it up and off to pack, I don't think I have ever left it to this late before.

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