Monday, February 16, 2015

Colder Than a...

My favorite growing up was 'colder than a witch's titty in a brass bra'. How terribly naughty! It still makes me giggle.

This week, witches everywhere will have pointy nipples as it's cold, then colder, then it will be even colder. Wednesday, the low is supposed to be 1. One. I think Thursday it's going to get up to 10. It's like being in Sweden. But with no sauna. And it's not even a payday Thursday, either.

To celebrate the wretched temps, I downloaded a ghost detector app. It goes off in the living room every time. Nowhere else. Right in the very middle of the room and again next to the wood stove. No matter which direction I come from or when I turn it on. 2 blips, same place every time. I would hate to be stuck in one spot and we are so boring, too. Maybe they talk to each other. Or watch Ben play Minecraft. It picked up a word, 'provide'. I imagine the ghost is asking us to provide something more interesting than the view out the front door. Maybe it will snow. Poor ghosts. At least it's a glass door.

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