Monday, February 2, 2015

Chattanooga, Hunter Art Museum and the Aquarium

When we were in Chattanooga for Ben's birthday, Katy and I saw there was a New York Times photo exhibit coming to the art museum and that it's free on the first Sunday of the month.  Amanda got an Aquarium membership at Christmas, so we all decided to head up the first Sunday in February.

It was rainy all day and chilly, but not bone-cold.

We started at the art museum and stayed there a couple of hours.  I liked the photo exhibit (btw, it's $5 extra even on the free day!) and the permanent collection was great.  They had Copley, Mother Theresa, Wyeth-works I recognized at any rate.  

The view from the balcony:

The Spring and Summer statues near the Aquarium.

Getting a hand from Dad!

I loved the last blurb.  Get saved. Get saved, get saved.  Coke: Finally a way to Drink and Drive sober.

Ben saw this out the window and liked the layers, so I took a picture.

Matt, Kurt and Sammy did some male bonding thing where they timed the escalator rides in such a way as to high-5 one another in passing.

The chalk art piece he was working on back when we were in the alley in December!

The first shot of the day, all the way down here.

After the Aquarium we walked across the bridge to Good Dog and had hot dogs for dinner.


An unlikely duo!

My Good Dog hotdog.  Beef frank, facon, fruit chutney with mango.

There were 18 of us!  

I thought Ben and Emma were going to get to walk and talk going back-they had spent the day being quiet at each other.  But see that orange blur running toward them?  It's Alex.  He got between them and started talking away.  hahahaha!  Oh well.  It's just that they are both so quiet, but so similar in temperament, I think they would be really good friends.  Ben's moving out of his 'game' phase and is wanting to hike and camp and get into photography and such-he's drawing and playing music and is now learning guitar.  All his buddies are still very into gaming, so it has not been a smooth transition and he's kind of on his own.  Emma has other interests than gaming, so I am hoping they will get past the shy and start hanging out.  Maybe one day...haha!

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