Sunday, February 8, 2015

Long Weekend

Friday we went to the shelter to check out a little terrier.  Nia was not interested.

I am an only dog.

I face the winds of loneliness with a determined countenance.

We came home with a potential dog, we have named him Henry.
He is a mini-Kuma and another Belgian mix.  He's sweet and an older dog, around 6.

Just a little smaller, about 20 pounds smaller than Kuma at 62 pounds.  We are aiming to get him to 50 pounds where he needs to be for his size.  That's 20 pounds more than Nia, a perfect middle!
He was 70 pounds when he first arrived at the shelter, so he's headed the right direction, poor fat dog!


Not even remotely happy dog.

New dog

Old dog

New dog!

He seems to have been raised in a frat house.  He is overweight and it took a couple days to figure out dog food IS food.  He got into the trash, he does not respond at all to any commands, he is great at fetching but looks at you funny if you ask him to sit.  But he's house trained and was already neutered-someone was taking care of him, you don't get to be 70 pounds on a 50 pound frame without someone providing several square meals a day.  He has a limp, but the vet says it's not structural, it's likely a muscle pull.  He has not clicked with any of the dogs yet, there's lots of polite standing kind of near one another. I imagine when he is back in full health, they will find a way to play.

On Saturday, I got in my new-to-me Eureka backpacking tent in the mail.  I wanted to sleep in it, but I was worried the dogs would take turns peeing on it and it's NEW (to me).  So I set it up and checked it out and then put it right back away. *sigh*

I luv ma dawg!

Kuma is the best dog ever, he just HATES the camera, it freaks him out.  He's doing what we call 'worry tongue' where he flicks his tongue until the scary thing goes away.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Hurricane Creek and hiked with Amanda and her family.  Afterward we met Katy and did a big swap for the weekend.  Chan went to Rho's, Alex came with us and Elan went with Owen.

Sunday we abandoned the boys AND the new dog and went hiking, just Matt and me and Possum Dog, over at Guntersville.


This is a new trail!  It's called Hurricane Branch and is awesome.

This guy freaked us out a bit, raccoons out in the day are rarely healthy.

We went and hiked the Cave Trail and the blue blazed trail, too.
Liev Schriber was out hiking as well.  I told him about briers ahead, then geeked.  I realize it was (likely) not REALLY Liev, but damn.  He was close enough for this happily married woman to swoon over for a while.  Even Matt looked a little dazed.

A big pit!

And that's the weekend.  We also got some help lined up to take care of the roof and washed all the bedding and aired the heavier blankets.  It's been really warm!  

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