Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gorgeous Sunny Days at Home-updated

Yesterday, Chandler turned 17.

Today, we took rainbow photos to celebrate!

There were a few dogs hanging out as well:

Kuma's ear is stuck up like that, he won't lay it down!  hehehe

He seems to be stone deaf in one ear, he cocks his head if he hears something.
He's not a working dog, so it's no big deal-he's just hard to call!  He does not even flicker his ear when you whistle, but he can hear the food bag before he sees it and he comes when we clap.

Pretty puppy!

Sweet Jessie!  She's losing weight!
I am so glad, she's moving WAY more easily!

Henry became snappy and bit me a couple of times.  We took him to the vet for a check.  He has several tumors, one that seems to be causing the limp and one near his 'deaf' ear that may be pressing that canal.  They did not find them the first exam because he was covered in cockleburrs when we got him.  His fur is like wool, too.  It was hard to find them even when they started actively searching.  The vet gave him a 6 month window with treatment, mainly pain management.  He's so old, there was not much point in aggressively trying to prolong his life with surgery.

We had a long talk with everyone involved and opted to return him for humane euthanasia and we will be able to pick out a new dog.  I don't know if we will, every attempt for that 4th dog has ended badly.

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