Monday, February 16, 2015


Chandler has not seen Emily since last June.  They were best best friends and wasn't a falling out between them.  Not sure what happened, other than Suzette kept turning down invitations and sometimes turning right around and planning her own trip to the same location.  Just not with us.  I did not know if it was because Chan came out or if I had done something and there was zero communication.  My efforts to engage were ignored. So, we dropped it.

I know Chan has been missing Emily.  She asked if we could go sit in the back of the theater for a play Emily is in so she could just see her, even from far away.  That nearly broke my heart.  So, I contacted Suzette and asked if the girls could have lunch with Phoenix this week for Chandler's birthday.  To my surprise, she said okay and when I told Chandler, she lit up like a bulb.  I have never seen a kid so happy.  They hugged for 5 minutes straight.

The moms chatted and got caught up, nothing got resolved, but the whole point was for the girls to get to be together again.  Emily leaves for college in the summer.  Even if they don't get together again, at least they had this gorgeous and chilly afternoon.  They filled the room with laughter and made horrible puns and it felt like home for a while.  I miss them, so much.

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