Sunday, April 5, 2015

Morels and More

From the kitchen window.

We mowed Saturday and unearthed a couple patches of morels!  These are the ones that got mowed, we kept finding them in the yard.  So now there are patches of not-mowed grass where they are located, it was pretty exciting.

Here is what I have learned about this woody, earthy and edible fungi:
They are the only mushroom that needs to be washed before use.  Soak in cold water and then swish around to remove dirt from the nooks and crannies.
They are hollow, so slice them up to cook.  Because pillbugs is why.

They need to be cooked for 15 to 20 minutes to remove any toxins that can give a tummy ache.

The easiest way is to slice up and saute in butter.

They were really good!


Matt and I walked to the cliff today to scout out a campsite.
Kuma found this bone and trotted around and around with it.

Something else found it first!


We found a good spot near the cliffs and I built a fire ring and we hung our hammocks.
I found 2 scorpions!  I will use Matt's pic because it's way better than mine.

Also, this guy.

Did not find under rock.

That's snug.  Oh, yes, those strap wraps we are hanging from?  No, they are not the $20 a set straps.

They are from a 1 inch webbing I bought in a 45 foot section and cut into 10 4.5 foot lengths and used dental floss to sew loops on each end.
Net cost for 5 full sets?  $7

Not very pretty (but we sure know how to run things)
Okay, the song is stuck in my head.


We walked down the hill to the creek and along it to get back.
I found a new way to tape my ankle-it's a miracle, seriously.  When I saw the youtube video, I started crying I was so just overwhelmed-angry and happy and angry again.  As soon as I saw it, I KNEW it would work.  Why didn't I find it sooner?

Could not resist this shot of THREE TRILLIUM.  Tri tri!  

Flox, this grows in tiny batches all over the floor of the valley and screams LOOKA ME!


GIANT chickweed

Violet (edible)

Fiddlehead fern, also edible

Ant-free chickweed

Poison oak
Matt and I are trying the trick to build immunity to poison oak, ivy and sumac.
I won't go over it here because I don't want anyone to blame me.  LOL!
I will update how he's doing-I don't actually get rashes unless I have been rolling in it.  But it's that Adam and Eve mentality we seem to have- "here, try this."  "Okay"

More phlox

I love how it looks as it unfurls

Toothwart (edible)

Tiny little fairy house!

Crabapple (not edible, hahaha)

I had some idea of doing a group camping trip here to try out everyone's gear for backpacking, but I swear-we don't have a flat bit NEAR anything cool.  hahaha.  

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