Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ninja Course

Monday we went on a wild edibles and medicinals walk with Darryl Patton.
He covered most of the plants I already knew, but there were 2 that were of interest and I have both here.  I will write about that later.

Shakalaka finally opened their new ninja course, so we had to go give it a test run on Tuesday.
It's a good use of space-lots of people can use it, even though it's fairly small.
It also uses mainly upper body and arm strength, so it's a different set of muscles than just the jumping.

The kids were so sore this morning, carrying towels to the bathroom was a team effort and required lots of groaning.

They also added silk strips to swing on over the trapeze pit

After, we headed to have a picnic at the Dead Children's Playground
I intended to get more photos there, but people showed up with dogs and let them run freely and poop where they felt like it.  This seems to be common, as at least 3 other cars pulled up with dogs but left after seeing there were already 2 on the loose.
That's really sad-especially as you PASS a fenced dog park to get there and the playground is so small and full of wildflowers-but it was actually hard to get a shot because dog turds were in nearly every angle.  It makes me mad, the kids used to play there when they were little and now it's getting trashed.  I imagine instead of issuing tickets or trying to stop this kind of thing, they will just raze the park and use the space as storage.

Spring Beauty

Grape Hyacinth

Today we laid low and got the house all in order for the weekend-we have to mow!

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