Sunday, April 19, 2015

Richard Martin North End

I had decided to walk 15 miles a week to get my stamina back up.  By Friday night, I had only walked 6 miles, so we decided to get in some walking Saturday during a break in the rain.

Richard Martin came to mind as a good place to walk without having to deal with much mud.  I wanted to do the north end, I think it's prettier.  Plus there's a LONG hill, a couple of miles of steady climbing.  We checked and Belle Chevre had a new groupon, so we snagged that-$15 for $30 of anything at the cheese shop!  3 sandwiches and 3 drinks are $28. :)

Nia went with us, she loves hiking because she gets Doggie Adventure Foods and she gets to swim,

in Prospect, TN

Cranesbill Geranium


Prolific may apples!

fringed phacelia


daisy fleabane

waxy buttercup

small leafy beastie

May apple by the zillion along the walk.
I thought the deer would have eaten them by now!

5 miles in, doing great!

Nemophila aphylla
Baby Blue eyes


Butterweed lined the ditches.

Midway at Belle Chevre.
Chan and I had the 5 cheese grilled cheese (it's so much more than just cheese!)

Nia got a cheesecake sample AND about half of my honey fig gelato.

Not sure what it is about the Athens area and Sundrop, but my Athens cousin who moved to Savannah would buy 3 cases every time she came back to visit.  Then they got it in Georgia and she had a come apart, she was so excited it was all she posted about for a week.

5 cheese grilled cheese.  YEAH
I know you can drive right up and eat-but it's TOTALLY worth the walk from either end.

Not REALLY gelato-no eggs.
Also, see how small that container is?  $12 for 3!  They were not going to tell me, hahaha!
I will admit, I thought a buck each would be about right, but $3.75-ack!
Just get you some Bluebell on the way home.

Fleabane en masse
Fleabane does not repel fleas.

The only mud on the WHOLE trail.
Did I say mud? I meant jet coolant.

It's hard being so short!  She walked 10 steps to our one!
 Muddy is the best!

Green on green on green

Taking a break from squirrel watching.
She could see them well down the trail, would take off and miss where they went, over and over.
We decided she's a sight hound, she can't seem to smell at all.  Which would explain a few things about her.

Squaw root


A mile from the end-looking damp but determined!

I did it!!

Somewhat swollen ankle

Planning the next time...14 miles on level ground-what can I do on a real trail?

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